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[solved] – Elementor 500 internal server error

When we are adding widgets or editing content page design using elementor some times you will get error like 500 internal server.

You may think there is a issue with internet connection, but actually it is not a issue with internet or browser

This error is because of many reasons

  • PHP Version issue
  • WordPress version issue
  • Fatal Errors
  • Not enough memory
  • Due to outdated plugins

PHP Version issue

Internal server error may cause due to outdate PHP version, change PHP version and check once, if you are using virtual servers restart the server or if your are using shared hosting service ask your hosting service provider to clean cache & restart the process. Then check the Elementor 500 internal server issue.

WordPress version issue

WordPress version also one of the reason to raise this issue, if you are using out dated version of wordpress then update the wordpress to latest version & check

Fatal Errors

Some of the PHP fatal errors also causes so check your server error log & resolve those errors

Not enough memory

500 internal server error may cause due to low memory allocation, Change memory allocation in php.ini file restart server and check the error

Due to outdated plugins

This server error will occur may be incompatibility of the plugins or out dated PHP code plugins which we are using, Due to this elementor plugin may not work

So deactivate all plugins except element check this error is happening or not, Activate one by one plugin troubleshot the error process find the troubling plugin and deactivate / delete from wordpress

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